Rick Tate music

Performance schedules:

Aug 3rd, Saturday, 9:00am-9:30am. Mansfield Performing Arts Center on Debbie Lane. Back to school celebration.

Aug 5th, FWSA open mic at Buffalo West on Camp Bowie, Fort Worth 6:30pm-9:30pm

Fort Worth Songwriter showcase, I am proud to have been a member of Fort Worth Songwriters Association for over 20 years. www.fwsa.com

Farr Best Opry

In my hobby of songwriting,  I studied effects of audience reactions, song subjects, styles, song delivery, failures, and successes.

I  made several mistakes, all the while wondering why the audience did not fall in love with my song?

Happily Married......In songwriting, at first it puzzled me why happily married couples loved sad break up songs. They would dance so close, and hold each other, or just hold hold each others hand. Then it occured to me, we know we are lucky. That could have happened to us just as easily. A lot better men than I have lost their spouse or had to go through divorces. Are you lucky too?

A songwriter at heart.

A song is a vehicle. Where do you want to go?

I have had the privilege of working with several studio musicians and engineers on my studio music. Michael Pollard, Randy Wills, Mark Hampton, Warren Rupp, Milo Deering, Garland Gray.


Thank you for visiting my website. Too many songs to listen to on your first visit, please come back and listen. Comments are welcome.




Some Family pictures to the song Pillars by Rick Tate.
Sorry all pictures would not fit in video. Still love you.


I know school was not a great experience for some people, but mine was. Friends Like You (1999)
Thanking Mansfield classmates in this video, but really applies to all friends and family who helped me along the way. I hope I helped you as well.


Feb. 5th 2014 White Elephant Showcase. A song about married life?


Mansfield Fine Arts @ Farr Best Theatre

Gospel tune by the Willis Family, and many others

I will be adding many more song videos including;  Erin's Song, Good at being Bad, If I Had Time, I Didn't Fall,      Thank you.


Sunday Morning Praise - Oh Lord, Here I Am

On a secluded Cull de sac, my front porch is a perfect place for inspirational moments, reading, bird watching. There is always an extra chair available.

Fish City Grill gig: Spider Web

Song about almost getting in trouble

Jamming with Eric Wagner on slide guitar

Definition of Love

Available Again/Back on the Shelf

Big D BBQ with All My Rowdy Friends

There is no video clip yet

Rules Change When You Give Them A Ring

ain't married life great?

Choir Boys Rap

Dwight Martin intro: Rick Tate, Kim Noblitt, Tim Vaught, Donnie Braziel, Glen Mullins

Jedediah The Troll

Story of Atlantis

White Elephant FWSA Showcase: Ashley and I

becoming a Father, my children taught me as much as I ever taught them.

The Hero back home

Song my Dad said needed to be written. Sometimes the spouses back home had tough times too. They took care of things so we could be good soldiers.

Defintion of Love

married life

Be Careful What You Pray For

Life can be worse...

White Elephant, Fort Worth, Texas Glad to See You Gone


You Can't Please a Woman

good guy, bad day

There is no video clip yet